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Gaia Tree Integrative Medicine - Candace Miller MS, PA-C

Candace Miller MS, PA-C

Holistic Medical Care Practitioner
Candace Miller is a board-certified PA who empowers patients to achieve positive change using a systems-based approach to health that incorporates principles of Ayurveda and Functional Medicine.

Candace is an herbalist with a Master of Science from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine Physician Assistant program, a curriculum specializing in primary care and rural medicine. She also holds a BA in Humanities with a focus in medical anthropology. Prior to founding GaiaTree, Candace served as a Senior Clinician in New Mexico and Regional Quality Lead in Utah and Washington for CVS Minute Clinics where she was recognized for excellence in leadership and patient care. She opened GaiaTree to create a space for close-knit patient-provider relationships and an approach that transcends the reductive lens of mainstream allopathic medicine.

A treatment plan at GaiaTree is highly personalized and may include western allopathic medicine, diet and exercise recommendations, aromatherapy, herbs, supplements, and collaboration with other western and alternative medical specialists. The goal is to maintain and restore connection to our own innate health and intelligence at every stage of life. Unlike the typical western medical practice, Candace makes the healthcare experience deep, engaged – and very often fun! She enjoys working with obesity, chronic pain, fatigue, allergies, digestive imbalances, skin conditions and depression/anxiety.

Candace is a California native, writer, potter, animal lover and avid hiker living in Santa Fe with longtime sweetheart and their two adorable cattle dogs. She is licensed to practice medicine in the state of New Mexico.

“Medicine is a field where we are asked to never stop learning. That’s why I love it! I am committed to maintaining openness and curiosity towards new information and applying what I learn to benefit my patients and the community.”

- Candace Miller, MS, PA-C

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