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Direct primary care in Sante Fe

We utilize clearly-priced, subscription-based primary care, with access to deeply discounted, cash-based labs, diagnostics and medications. The mission is to help patients get the care they need from a trusted provider, when they need it, for a clear price, in a convenient manner. Our patients enjoy a superior care experience that delivers peace of mind, comfort, affordability and convenience without restrictions, barriers, or frustration. View frequently asked questions. 

How is Gaia Tree Integrative Medicine different?

In my career as a PA, I have come to appreciate that western medicine has many strengths, but does not have all the answers, particularly when it comes to preventing and managing chronic disease. We all know someone who received extensive western medical workup over months or years, passed through the offices of multiple specialists, and spent a fortune on tests only to wind up with a cabinet full of drugs and a host of new medication-induced problems. This is especially true for chronic pain, digestive, and mental health issues that are so common in our modern world.

I founded GaiaTree to create a space for the kind of medical experience my patients want and need: one that is spacious, holistic, safe, and effective. GaiaTree DPC clients receive an extensive new patient visit reviewing their history and personal health goals. A treatment plan at GaiaTree is highly personalized and may include western allopathic medicine, diet and exercise recommendations, aromatherapy, herbs, supplements, and collaboration with other western and alternative medical specialists.

I welcome patients at all levels of health who want to be an active participant in maintaining or improving their baseline wellness. Recognizing the dangers of pharmaceuticals and especially polypharmacy, I am open to helping clients taper off western pharmaceutical drugs when appropriate in a controlled and safe manner. If you already have a family practice provider you like working with, you don’t have to stop seeing them to join my holistic medical practice. The work we do at GaiaTree is unique, powerful, and complimentary to the treatment you receive elsewhere.

GaiaTree adheres to sustainable practices, minimizing use of unnecessary pharmaceuticals and medical waste and supports nonprofits dedicated to conservation, reforestation, environmental research, and indigenous rights including Pachamama Alliance and the Earth Island Institute.

I am absolutely bursting with enthusiasm to meet you and help you become the best possible version of yourself by removing obstacles to health, self-expression, and enjoyment of life. That is what I believe primary care should be!

“To me the term Integrative Medicine goes beyond working with different modalities – it means applying logical and intuitive functions of the brain to address medical problems. The ability to appreciate many dimensions of a person and how they all fit together.”

Candace Miller, MS, PA-C

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Monday - Thursday
10am - 4pm

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1751-O Calle Medico
Santa Fe, NM 87505